Exploiting Iraq, drone expo USA, curious case of Barrett Brown, entering the age of encryption

Abby Martin investigates the Pentagon’s announcement to sell weapons worth $2.7 billion to Iraq despite the countries rampant instability, citing the potential for Iraq to be drawn into yet another regional conflict. Abby also talks to RT correspondent Meghan Lopez, who has been attending AUVSI, the largest drone expo in the world, to discuss some of the newest drone technologies being debuted at the conference and what response manufacturers have to drone concerns. Abby then discusses in depth the curious case of Barrett Brown, the hacktivist-journalist who is facing 105 years in prison for posting a link. She also talks with Mike Jenke, CEO of ‘Silent Circle’ about email encryption website Lavabit shutting down in light of pressure from federal investigators, and Silent Circle’s decision to preemptively shut down to protect the privacy of its customers’ data. Abby wraps up with Brian Duggan, of the Open Technology Institute, on the need to hold the US government’s spying program to account, and asks who we can trust more with our personal information: corporations or government.

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