Bombing the Great Barrier Reef, bailing out Detroit, Afghanistan’s forever war

Abby Martin remarks on the news that two US fighter pilots dropped inert bombs over a World Heritage-protected area of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Then, Detroit’s bankruptcy filing, citing the city’s nearly-$20-billion debt - Professor Emeritus of economics Richard Wolff and co-host of RT’s ‘Prime Interest’ Bob English talk about what recourse is left for Detroit to rise above its latest fiscal quandary. Next, Matt Southworth, legislative associate with the Friends Committee on National Legislation, discusses heightened tensions between the US and Afghanistan, and what special interests are at play that will keep US forces posted past the established deadline of withdrawal in 2014. Finally, a tribute to the late Helen Thomas, looking back at some of the highpoints of her career and her important role as a female journalist who was never too shy to hold powerful people accountable.

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