​Military reduction farce, private prison race rigging, NM nuke mess & Bush’s pity party

Abby Martin remarks on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s speech regarding a token reduction in the size of the US Army, without any significant dents in the $496 billion budget. The corporate media promotes Bush’s new program for veterans while failing to address why they were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place. The radiation leak at a nuclear waste storage facility near Carlsbad, NM, as a sign of the dangers of nuclear energy. UC Berkley PhD candidate Christopher Petrella talks about his report exposing how America’s largest for-profit prison companies stand to benefit from harsh sentences that target minorities. The roots of the DC statehood movement, from its establishment as the Federal City to the steps people can take to help support the movement. Finally, activist and author Eugene Puryear discusses his candidacy for DC city council, and what he feels could transform and revolutionize the city.

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