Frederick Douglass’s Legacy, Pakistan’s legal kidnapping, debunking the death penalty

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin celebrates the birthday of the famous black abolitionist leader, Frederick Douglass, whose key role in mobilizing black Union soldiers to fight for the ending of slavery is grossly downplayed by the mainstream media. Abby then talks about the case of Kareem Khan, who was kidnapped by the Pakistani police after speaking out against drone warfare, and was released over a week later after being reportedly tortured. Abby then speaks with Dr. Roberto De Vogli, lead author of a recent report in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization that concludes that stronger government intervention is needed to slow and possibly even reverse the problem of obesity. Abby then takes a look at the history of Valentine’s Day, commenting on its sadistic origins and the corporate takeover of the holiday, which pushes the idea that consumerism equals love. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with anti-death penalty activist and host of the Moment of Clarity web series, Lee Camp, debunking a few of the myths and misconceptions of America’s death penalty.

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