Kochtopus tentacles, Chicago shuts schools & opens for business, MI5 Woolwich connection

Abby Martin gives a ‘Koch Update’ highlighting some of the Koch brothers’ most recent ventures, such as looking to purchase the Tribune Company and its regional newspapers, selling tar sand oil waste to developing countries, along with other shady projects. Then we highlight Asean Johnson, a third grader in Chicago’s public school district as the day’s hero for speaking out against the closure of 54 public schools in Chicago, and call out Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as the day’s villain for his role in pushing for the school closures all the while spending $50 million worth of public funds for a new events center in the city. Finally, a closer look at the Woolwich killing of a British soldier in broad daylight and the possible connection the UK’s MI5 intelligence service had in the radicalization of the murder suspects. Abby talks to journalists Afshin Rattansi and Assed Baig from London about the latest in the case.

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