​Chevron’s pizza apology, real unemployment rate, Jordan Davis & racism’s historical continuum

Abby Martin remarks on the absurdity of Chevron offering free pizza coupons to residents of Bobtown, PA, after an explosion from a fracking well. The latest Gallup poll revealing unemployment is now the number one concern for Americans. The 2011 arrest of activist Ray McGovern after his protest of a speech given by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - Mara Verheyden Hilliard, executive director of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, talks about the discovery her organization made after filing a FOIA request into McGovern’s arrest. The case of Rahinah Ibrahim, a Malaysian doctoral student who was mistakenly put on the US government’s no-fly list, but instead of correcting the error, $3.8 million was spent in litigation to take her off the list. Finally, Howard University Professor Dr. Wilmer Leon discusses what it means to commemorate Black History month and how institutionalized racism is glossed over in America today.

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