How Monsanto runs Washington, Wal-Mart’s war on wages, & ending TPP

Abby Martin remarks on news that Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff postponed her meeting with Obama in light of NSA spying on her country. Then how ag giant Monsanto has established a permanent revolving door in Washington, highlighting major conflicts of interest between top government officials with personal stakes in the company. Sheila Muxlow, campaign director of the WaterWealth Project, discusses Nestlé’s massive water extraction operation in Hope, Canada, and what North Americans can do to protect this valuable resource from exploitation. Nikki Lewis, executive director of DC Jobs with Justice, talks about Wal-Mart’s win over the DC City Council regarding higher wages for employees and how this decision will affect the working class. Finally, a call to action, urging all Americans to tell Congress to vote against the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade deal between multinational corporations being discussed in total secrecy.

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