Big coal worse than keystone, Israel undermines peace, Japan’s radio active nightmare

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin calls out the American political establishment for the practice of awarding campaign donors with coveted ambassadorships, regardless of their lack of experience – noting the case of Colleen Bell, a soap opera producer who was appointed by Obama to be ambassador to Hungary. Abby then speaks with Zoe Carpenter, journalist at The Nation about the problems with Big Coal, citing environmental destruction, government subsidies and the massive amount of lobbying into local and federal elections. Abby then looks at the negotiations between US and Iranian diplomats in Geneva over Tehran’s nuclear program and the efforts by Israel to undermine the peace process. BTS then highlights the Japanese politician, Taro Yamamoto, for breaking cultural taboos in Japan by handing a note to the Emperor expressing the urgency of the radioactive nightmare on the ground at Fukushima. Abby then speaks with Alexey Yaroshevsky to get the latest from Japan.

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