Big Brother watching itself, DC’s mysterious deaths, Nestlé’s cocoa slavery

Abby Martin calls attention to 34 officers at Malstrom Airforce Base in Montana, caught cheating on a proficiency exam related to nuclear launch procedures. The LAPD’s testing of cameras mounted on police officers to lessen the number of complaints against officers over a lack of transparency from the force. A few of the most mysterious unexplained deaths in DC’s history, including the case of Bruce Ivins who was linked to the 2001 anthrax attacks and Deborah Jean Palfrey, the infamous Madam of DC. Nestle called out again over the company’s commissioning of cocoa famers in Ivory Coast who force thousands of underage workers to harvest under conditions best described as child slavery. Finally, Norman Solomon, founder of and director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, talks about the potential conflict of interest between new Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos and a recent $600 million CIA contract with his other company, Amazon.

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