OG banksters, climate change denial, Snowden’s limbo, Honduras coup 4 yrs on

Abby Martin talks about how one man is facing 13 years in jail for writing messages in chalk, meanwhile real criminal banksters run free. Then Brad Friedman, editor of the ‘Brad Blog’, talks about BP trying to fight legitimate claims from Gulf residents, and climate change skeptics and Obama’s rhetoric on the issue. Abby then speaks to RT’s Lucy Kafanov, in front of Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport’s transit center to discuss the latest on Edward Snowden’s whereabouts. We then highlight Clare Daly, representative of the United Left party in Ireland, for calling out her own government’s groveling and Obama’s hypocrisy, on the heels of the G8 summit. Finally, we remark on the fourth anniversary of the Honduras Coup, Abby is joined by producer Manuel Rapalo for a closer look at the deterioration of the country over the last 4 years.

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