Senate rejects science, fraccidents across US & eco-terrorist entrapment

Senate Rejects Science, fraccidents across US & eco-terrorist entrapmentIn Breaking the Set, Abby Martin, discusses the Senate’s refusal to acknowledge that climate change is a direct result of human activity. Abby then talks about a 3 million gallon brine spill in North Dakota, a toxic byproduct of the oil and natural gas extraction process, and how this spill is just the latest ‘fraccident’ to hit the state and devastate the environment. Abby speaks with Jenny Esquivel, organizer with the Sacramento Prisoners Support Group, about the case of Eric McDavid, a convicted ‘ecoterrorist’ who was just released from prison after nine years. It was revealed the prosecution never released documents suggesting the FBI may have entrapped him. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with author of ‘Willful Blindness’ and ‘A Bigger Prize’, Margaret Heffernan about the destructive impact of competition and alternative models of incentivizing people to work together for the greater good.