Drugging the elderly, justice for Tamir Rice & Ebola still exists

Abby Martin, discusses an investigation by NPR that found more than 300,000 elderly people are being prescribed antipsychotic drugs for dementia symptoms, despite the FDA warning against this practice in 2008. Human rights lawyer David Remes talks about the contents of the newly-released Senate torture report summary and how it will impact the future of the ‘War on Terror’. New details in the police shooting death of Tamir Rice, and how a new DoJ investigation into the Cleveland PD exposes many cases of police overreach. RT’s Lindsay France looks at the continuing police protests in Berkley, California. Finally, David Quammen, author of ‘Ebola: The Natural and Human History of a Deadly Virus’, says Sierra Leone is becoming the leading country in Ebola cases, and the prospects of developing a vaccine.

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