When SWAT don’t knock, pointless ISIS airstrikes & funding climate change disinfo

Abby Martin on the case of Marvin Lewis Guy, a Texan facing the death penalty after shooting and killing an intruder in his home who turned out to be a police officer participating in a no-knock raid. A climate change rally drew hundreds of thousands of activists to NYC over the weekend - we highlight the science behind the movement and the need to stop looking at the problem as a partisan issue. Eugene Puryear, organizer with the ANSWER coalition and DC City Council candidate, talks about US policy to arm moderates in Syria, the spread of ISIS militants, and the changing political landscape across the Muslim World. Finally, NYU media studies Professor Mark Crispin Miller discusses the addition of five books to the Forbidden Bookshelf, a project aimed at making important literature that has gone out of circulation once again available to the public.

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