Ceasefire slaughter, Cold war-Proof NASA & West Africa’s unprecedented ebola outbreak

On this episode of Breaking the Set, BTS producer Manuel Rápalo remarks on the latest news concerning the failed 72-hour ceasefire between Hamas and Israel less than two hours after it went into effect, and how the alleged capture of an Israeli soldier could mean even more death and destruction for the people of Palestine. Manny then highlights the anniversary of the creation of NASA and how the continuing slashing of the NASA budget means that potentially revolutionary new discoveries are being squandered. Manny then speaks with RT correspondent Manila Chan about the recent mass outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, including the contraction by two Americans of the disease, and what precautions are being taken to stop the continuing spread of the virus. BTS wraps up the show with a performance by Heartbeat, a group of Israeli and Palestinian youths working together to bridge the divide between the two groups through the power of music.

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