​Superpower landmine lunacy, First nations people win back their land & Bone dry Detroit

In this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin remarks on the announcement by the US that it will no longer create new landmines and will reduce its personal stockpile, yet still has not signed up to the landmine ban treaty, along with other global superpowers. RT Correspondent, Meghan Lopez, reports from the spot in Detroit, Michigan, about the decision by the city’s water bureau to shut off water for thousands of Detroit residents who can’t pay their bills, a catastrophe the United Nations has called a violation of human rights. Abby also talks about a new ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada that granted a major victory to First Nations people regarding their right to land being exploited by commercial interests and the larger impact this ruling could have on indigenous people across the country. BTS wraps up the show by interviewing author and philosopher, Graham Hancock, about the mysteries of ancient civilizations, hidden societies from the past and the difficulty in getting these ideas accepted by mainstream archaeologists and historians.

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