​ICE creating orphans, America’s toxic beaches, free TV illegal & Fukushima’s global fallout

Abby Martin on a recent report by Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirming the deportations of over 72,000 parents of children born in the US since October of 2013. A study of nearly 3,500 ocean water samples across the US coasts which concluded that one in 10 beaches aren’t just polluted, but unsafe for swimming altogether. RT political commentator Sam Sacks discusses the Supreme Court ruling against online TV streaming service Aereo. The effect of war games on the environment, citing the US and China engaging in the world’s largest naval exercise. Finally, Paul Gunter, reactor oversight director at Beyond Nuclear, discusses the ongoing nuclear crisis at Fukushima, including the construction of a massive underground ‘ice wall’ and the rate at which contaminated water continues to pour into the Pacific Ocean.

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