K Street Vultures, the Silence of non violence & Mass language extinction

Abby Martin reports on the massive influence of lobbyists in Washington, remarking on the area’s newest residents; a pair of real life vultures to join the scavengers on K Street. Abby then Speaks with award-winning filmmaker Julia Bacha, about her film ‘Budros’ a documentary about non-violent dissent in Palestine, discussing the how the world’s attention on peaceful movements can determine their success or failure. Abby then reports on the death of Chester Nez, the last of the WWII Navajo code talkers, discussing the threatened language of the Navajo people as well as the rate by which languages are dying around the world; as many as many as one every two weeks. BTS wraps up the show with an exclusive interview with M1 from the HipHip duo Dead Prez, discussing the release of the Cuban5 and performing the song ‘Sacrifice’.

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