​Injected Iraqi democracy, deportations destroying families & immortal technique breaks the set

In this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin reports on Iraq’s most recent elections, highlighting the difficulties of securing a stable democracy in the midst of widespread violence. Abby then speaks with Breaking the Set producer, Manuel Rapalo, discussing the stall on immigration reform in Washington and the case of Catia Paz, a Salvadoran immigrant facing deportation, and, like millions of others, dealing with having her family torn apart. Abby goes on to talk with retired US Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor, discussing the ongoing political crisis in Ukraine and the motivation for EU/US sanctions against Russia, as well as what diplomatic options are left to quell the instability. BTS wraps up the show featuring an exclusive interview with hip hop artist Immortal Technique, where they go into everything from the creative process of his politically charged lyrics to his views on capitalism and the two-party stronghold over American politics.

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