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Supreme court supports indefinite detention of americans & compton’s hawkeyes see all

In this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks about the stay of execution for Oklahoma death row inmate, Clayton Lockett, after he failed to die from a three-drug cocktail but died 43 minutes later from a heart attack. Abby then speaks with BTS Producer, Manuel Rapalo, about the Supreme Court’s decision to not hear an appeal over a lawsuit challenging the National Defense Authorization Act’s indefinite detention clause, which was the last chance to overturn the law. Abby goes on to talk with RT correspondent Ramon Galindo about the revelations that Compton, California tested out a mass aerial surveillance technology on the city back in 2012, without the knowledge of the city’s residents and what this means for the future of the surveillance state. BTS wraps up the show with an exclusive interview with UK Respect Party Member of Parliament, George Galloway, about Tony Blair’s comments on Islamism, BBC censorship, and why he disagrees with the Scottish Independence movement.

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