David Beckworth: no robust US economy in 2014 & Patrick Byrne talks Bitcoin

Greece now wants to issue its first long-term bond since being bailed out by the Eurozone and IMF almost four years ago. Greece hopes to raise $5 to 7 billion dollars by the end of 2014. Is this a signal of a recovery? Erin brings you the details.

For our interviews today, Erin brings you more from economist and market monetarist David Beckworth. He gives you his views on US 2014 macroeconomics, Fed policy, and Abenomics. In our second interview, Erin returns to our conversation with Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, and brings you his thoughts on taxing and regulation on Bitcoin. In light of recent IRS decisions, his responses are interesting. Take a look.

Finally in the Big Deal, Edward Harrison and Erin talk about the new Amazon Fire TV device that the company released today. What is Amazon doing? Edward gives his thoughts.

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