The NSA Scandal Hits the US in the Pocketbook and Big Tobacco's take on E-Cigarettes

Bad for business? Not only has the NSA spying scandal ticked-off most of the Western World - it could end up putting US commerce in the economic gutter as well! we'll tell you why snooping may cost the US big bucks in the form of big business.

And where's there's smoke, there's vapor! That's right, no fire here...we're talking about e-cigarettes! . Erin talks to Alex Cynamon from Height Analytics to see how smokeless cigarettes are fanning some major flames from the tobacco industry

And - if you're just yearning for a vacation, might we suggestion crowd-funding your next leisure-time getaway. RT producer Rachel Kurzius joins Erin to chat about how to get someone else to pay for your dream vacation.

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