The trash trade economic indicator and the case for public banks

China says thanks, but no thanks anymore to the US dollar. Have they had their fill of US Treasuries as well? We’ll tell you about it.

Also Adam Minter, author of “Junkyard Planet,” sits down with Erin to talk "trash trade.” And while it may not sound glamorous, the billionaire trash tycoons behind it sure are!

Plus, the little-known Costa Rican banking system involves a mixture of public-and-private banks. Out of 29 licensed banks, mutual associations, and credit unions in Costa Rica, four are publicly owned. Erin speaks with Ellen Brown, author of “The Public Banking Solution.”

And Rachel Kurzius and Erin discuss “boy bashing” via social media. Is this grrl power or gender equality gone awry? That’s the question on deck in today’s “Big Deal.”

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