No good greek current account surplus w/Yanis Varoufakis and tech w/ Alex Daley

Toyota, the company that introduced the world to the first commercially successful gasoline elective hybrid car, better known as the PRIUS, is back with a new and radical concept car. Toyota Motors will launch a hydrogen-powered car in the United States, Japan, and Europe next year. Erin brings you the details.

Then, Professor and economist Yanis Varoufakis throws some cold water on the sanguine attitudes of the markets towards Greek debt. His view is that things are much worse than the Greek bond sale suggests. For our second interview, Erin brings back Alex Daley of Casey Research to give us his expert tech views on security and crowdfunding in tech.

This week’s Accrued Interest takes a look at the past 100 episodes and gives you some of the clips viewers most liked as well as some we found interesting and provocative. Take a look.

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