Minter talks trash & Best of with Jim Rickards, Cullen Roche, and James Turk

Here's an interesting matter for you to ponder as you head into your weekend: Why is the internet in the US so darn slow? In short, it's because telecommunication companies have divvied up the market in such a way that Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, and AT&T are all in a position to operate with virtually no competition. Erin gives you the details.

For our interview today, we invite "Junkyard Planet" author Adam Minter to come on and talk trash. He gives some amazing insight into the ways trash can reveal the health of the economy, comments on shipping costs and the prospect of the alliance of the 3 biggest shipping companies, and explains why he believes that we still aren't seeing a roaring recovery in the global economy yet.

For our Best Of the Week, we bring you the best clips from Cullen Roche, James Turk, and Jim Rickards. And "In the Margins," Edward and Erin bring you some of the most interesting comments we received from social media. Watch to catch up on what's happening with Boom Bust around the web.

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