Chris Martenson's Bubble Pricking and Thom Hartmann on the Debt Ceiling Kicking

Welcome back to the new normal. The S&P 500 smashed its own ceiling today, closing at all-time highs. And Google pierced the one-thousand-dollar veil, looking all shiny and new. But it's not just earnings season, or America's favorite Panda that's boosting risk-assets up the wall-of-worry. Yes, we question Jon Hilsenrath. Then Bob speaks with Chris Martenson, owner of Peak, at the Casey Research Summit about the asymmetrical Fed policy. The Fed buys high and sells low as part of QE. But how does this work - or not work - in reverse, when the Fed begins its exit strategy? And Thom Hartmann of The Big Picture dismisses the fray with a unique perspective on the debt ceiling.

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