Peter Schiff on Bernanke's "reckless" policy and the week in review

Peter Schiff, an investment manager who predicted the 2008 crisis, believes the United States is addicted to debt - moving from one quick fix to the next. At the top of his list of entities enabling this is the Federal Reserve. He talked to Boom Bust about debt, government debt and above all -- the Fed.

This was a special week here at Boom Bust. We focused a lot of debt and monetary policy issues. And we were lucky enough to be graced with the presence of great minds every single day. We have highlighted three guests - James Galbraith, Jim Rickards, and Cullen Roche -- for your viewing pleasure as a week in review.

And finally, every Friday Erin Ade and Edward Harrison put you, the viewer, into the driver's seat, letting you steer the show with your comments, questions and concern -- all sent to us throughout the week via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Please ask us questions about what our guests and the issues they discuss. We promise to pick out at least three or four to discuss on air every week.

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