Crowdfunding commercial real estate with Rodrigo Nino

If you thought Mt.Gox was down for the count, you might want to think again, because it appears the bankrupt Bitcoin exchange is getting a second wind! A group of “Hollywood-ish” investors are seeking to revive the exchange. Erin brings you the details.

For our interview today, Rodrigo Nino is pioneering a new form of commercial real estate investing for the little guy! Nino’s firm, Prodigy Network, allows small investors to pitch their dollars into commercial real estate projects. Listen in and just imagine your chunk of change helping build the next New York City skyscraper.

For the Best of the Week, Erin brings you Roger Bootle, Ann Pettifor, Paul Craig Roberts, Jim Rickards and Nomi Prins. They cover the Eurozone and the US, so don’t miss it. Finally, to round out the week, listen into our “accrued interest” – your questions and comments we have received throughout the week.

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