​Jim Rickards on the Recession of 2014 and Greek islands for sale

Chat room hours will be closed from 9-5, at least if you’re employed by a big bank. And is there no where safe to keep your bitcoins? Sadly, that might be the case. Some ‘bitcoin-bandits’ made off with over $1 million worth of electronic booty. We'll tell how they did it. Finally, we have seen an unprecedented expansion in the monetary base over the past decade, not limited to the US: Canada, South Africa, and Japan have all facilitated extraordinary expansions, leading some to call this a competitive debasement of currency. In 2010, Brazil’s finance minister proclaimed “We’re in the midst of an international currency war, a general weakening of currency.” So where are we now? We talk to James Rickards, author of the bestseller ‘Currency Wars’.

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