​Lynn Parramore on the American Dream. Schiff, Keen, Pettifor and Randazzo on debt policy

Surprisingly, income inequality was the major issue at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. We lead this show with RT’s Katie Pilbeam, who gives us a general overview and wrap-up from Davos.

And then, we take another look at the American Dream and income inequality with Lynn Parramore, senior editor at Alternet, cofounder of Recessionwire, and founding editor of New Deal 2.0.

Our best of the week segment follows. The big theme this past week on Boom Bust was debt and how the Fed has tried to deal with problems associated with debt, in turn, creating new problems. Peter Schiff, Steve Keen, Ann Pettifor and Anthony Randazzo all give their views on this topic.

And finally, Erin Ade and Edward Harrison do the weekly wrap segment, built solely on viewer feedback, which answers your questions. Please ask us about our guests and the issues they raise. We’ll pick out at least three or four to discuss on air every week.

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