Max Keiser on banker extortionists & Alex Daley on Netflix/Comcast

Our lead story today: how the classism of air travel is a microcosm of our society. For airlines, the top 20% of customers; make up 70% of the revenue. But today the special treatment doesn't just start when you step on the plane, it begins at check in. Erin looks at the exclusive amenities offered by these airlines (and the cost of such services) and draws parallels between the starkly different reality of the wealthy and powerful and the reality of the rest of us. She asks, how mush "service" does one person really need before it turns into a disservice for society?

Then, we bring you part two of Erin's interview with Max Keiser, who provides a definition of financialization and explains all the problems surrounding it. He believes that as long as the Fed keeps interest rates at zero, we are heading in the direction of a collapse. He also gives his colorful view on a story we covered a couple of days ago: JP Morgan and their new business model.

After the break, we welcome Alex Daley the senior editor of Casey's Extraordinary Technology, which is published by Casey Research. Daley gives us his views on Bitcoin and its future. We also talk about the big Netflix and Comcast deal, which he believes is genius on Netflix's part. Watch to see his explanation and his views on how net neutrality plays into this case.

For the Big Deal, Edward Harrison comes on to explain what's happening in the Indian economy today after the "taper tantrum" in 2013. Harrison talks about the role Raghuram Rajan has played as the head of India's Central Bank, and gives an overview of some of the issues facing India.

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