Volkswagen slashes 30K jobs

Just a year since cheating on emissions, Volkswagen has slashed 30,000 jobs. Ameera David has the details. Then, Bianca Facchinei reports on the latest numbers from Wells Fargo, which are less than stellar following the banks account scandal. Afterwards, Manuel Rapalo discusses a new blow to the North Dakota Access Pipeline, as Norway’s largest bank sells its assets in the project.

After the break, Ameera David polls you, the viewers. Is Trump the president at conflict with Trump the business? Then Ameera David interviews Axel Merk, President & CIO of Merk Investments, on the most recent federal debt numbers and whether a Trump presidency will affect them. Finally, in the Big Deal, Ed Harrison takes a look at the US Department of Justice’s $14 billion in penalties for Deutsche Bank.

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