Obama begins final European tour in Greece

US President Barack Obama met with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, beginning his final European tour as America’s leader. Ameera David has the details. Then, Bianca Facchinei takes a look at a new report from JP Morgan that raises doubts about the sustainability of the so-called ‘gig economy.’ Afterwards, Manuel Rapalo joins to break down what will happen now that SEC Chair Mary Jo White is stepping down, and President-elect Trump gets to decide on her replacement.

Following the break, Jim Rickards, author of a new book, The Road to Ruin, tells Ameera what he thinks could happen under a President Trump, and where interest rate are heading. And finally, in The Big Deal, Edward Harrison examines Italian polls that show Prime Minister Matteo Renzi losing ground and potentially facing a loss in the country’s upcoming referendum.

Have a look!

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