DeVry settles fraud lawsuit, Belgian region blocks CETA trade deal

Big banks are reporting their earnings, including embattled Wells Fargo. Edward Harrison has the details on how they fared. Ameera David then sits down with Chairman and Managing Director of the Indian Export-Import Bank, Yaduvendra Mathur. He gives his insights on why the Indian economy has been able to maintain such robust growth, and why slowing global trade is a concern at this year’s BRICS summit.

After the break, Edward takes a look a new report leading some to believe that UK Prime Minister Theresa May could opt for a so-called “clean break” Brexit. Bianca Facchinei then examines the decision by Belgian region Wallonia to block the Canadian-EU CETA trade deal. Brigida Santos joins from Los Angeles to go over a British court decision finding that Goldman Sachs did not scam the Libyan Investment Authority, as the group long charged. In The Big Deal, Manuel Rapalo breaks down DeVry Education Group’s settlement with the US federal government over charges it misled applicants about student job placement.

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