China halts trading, market turmoil worsens

Stocks tumbled across the world as fears over China’s instability continued to percolate, and oil took yet another hit, heading perilously closer to $30 per barrel. Manuel Rapalo discusses. Erin Ade analyzes the market turmoil.

Edward Harrison joins the show from CES in Las Vegas, where he looks at a new wireless charging technology that may potentially work up to 30 feet from your device. Bianca Facchinei takes a look at the drones that are inundating the show. 

After the break, Ameera David sits down with Jose Luis Rodriguez Garcia, the former Cuban economy minister, who wants to see a tripling of foreign investment in his country. Finally, Bianca Facchinei examines how Cuba manages to export such vast numbers of doctors and media professionals, despite decades of economic hardship.

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