Ariely on behavioral economics & Rickards on China

Spain is in turmoil after an inconclusive general election. Edward Harrison discusses how getting a governing coalition together will be tough.

Dan Ariely, a professor at Duke University, explains the behavioral economics behind Black Friday, why we buy, what it does to our budgets and a lot more.

Oil’s collapse continues without an end in sight. Now the focus is on the world’s benchmark Brent where prices have tumbled to levels not seen since 2004. Edward explains the possible impact.

David Beckworth, an associate professor of economics at Western Kentucky University, says why he thinks deflation in Japan is such a problem and what takeaways the Fed can draw from the Japanese experience.

Jim Rickards, noted author of the "Death of Money", explains how likely it is that the currency wars see a “conscious uncoupling” between China and the US - with a major Chinese devaluation.

In The Big Deal, RT correspondent Simone del Rosario explains the recent vote in the US Congress to lift the ban on the export of crude oil.

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