Mosler, Auerback on high yield meltdown, US economy

Energy: Before rebounding, benchmark oil US West Texas Intermediate hit a 6-year low of under $35 a barrel on Monday. That compares to highs above $100 a barrel 18 months ago. Unseasonably warm weather in the US has natural gas prices at the lowest level since 2002. Edward Harrison weighs in. Then Edward sits down with Warren Mosler, President of Valance Co, Inc. to discuss the bust up in high yield bonds, the drop in capital investment spending in the US, and the Fed’s reaction function.After the break, Edward continues the conversation about the Fed’s reaction function with Marshall Auerback, research associate at the Levy Institute. Afterwards, Edward is joined by RT correspondent Simone del Rosario, who breaks down the recent Paris Climate talks.Take a look!

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