​Greece submits new proposal in rush to deadline

Puerto Rico’s financial woes were front and center on Capitol Hill this week as lawmakers began to wrestle with the island nation’s escalating debt crisis. Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee took up the issue on Wednesday in hopes of finding a solution to Puerto Rico’s $73- billion debt load. Keep in mind the issue affects over three million American citizens in Puerto Rico, not to mention the millions who invested in the country. Ameera David weighs in.

Ameera is joined by Edward Harrison, who is on the ground in Greece covering the latest in the debt crisis. Greece is hoping the proposal will meet the approval of its European creditors and prevent a potentially catastrophic exit from the euro by Sunday of this week.

After that Ameera sits down with Erin Ade to talk about China. Chinese shares made their biggest daily gain in six years on Thursday – a huge turnaround from the day before when the Shanghai composite lost 5.9 percent, leaving it down more than 30 percent from its peak in early June.

After the break, RT correspondent Manila Chan joins us to talk about FBI Director James Comey’s recent trip to Washington. Comey underwent two grueling sessions of questioning from the Senate Intelligence and Senate Judiciary Committees regarding data encryption and what they call "going dark."

Ameera also talks with Worth Wray – chief strategist to John Mauldin and co-author of “A Great Leap Forward?” Worth tells us where you want to be investing your money in China and gives us his take on whether China’s debt burden is manageable.

And in The Big Deal, Ameera and Bianca Facchinei discuss Jeb Bush’s controversial comments on working hours for Americans.

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