​Nationalists in the UK and 5.4% unemployment in US

Pundits thought the UK election would be a close call, but instead it was just the opposite with British Prime Minister David Cameron securing a decisive victory. With the results now in, the Conservative party has claimed an outright majority in parliament. The conservatives came in with 331 seats, locking them in as the clear winner. But perhaps most shocking is how poorly the Labour Party did. Boom Bust guest host Ameera David weighs in.

Then, Erin is joined by Frances Coppola – associate editor at Pieria and author behind the “Coppola Comment” blog. Frances tells us how she thinks the outcome of the elections will affect the fiscal foundations of the UK and gives us her take on the social value of financial institutions.

After the break, Bianca gives us a daily news roundup of other major business stories of the day, including Chinese banks connected to counterfeiters, Tesla’s successful battery venture, disappointing Whole Foods earnings, and Comcast’s attempt to improve their infamous customer service.

Afterwards, Ameera sits down with Erin to discuss Sygenta rejecting Monsanto’s $45 billion takeover offer.

And in The Big Deal, Ameera and Edward talk about the UK election and the April jobs report.

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