Mosler: US economy weakness will continue

The migration crisis in Europe is escalating with EU leaders now gathering for an emergency meeting in Brussels. Guest host Ameera David weighs in. Warren Mosler, president of Valance Co., Inc, who gives his take on the Atlanta Fed’s downbeat forecast for first quarter GDP growth and if the Fed raising rates would have a greater impact on interest income or credit activity. A news roundup of other major business headlines of the day including the end of the Comcast/Time Warner Cable deal, Facebook and eBay earnings, and potential regulation of Berkshire Hathaway. How the House of Reps passed a bill that would grant legal immunity to companies that share cyber threat data with the federal government after a number of American corporations were hit with hacking breaches. And in The Big Deal, Ameera and Edward talk about the latest coming out of the eurozone.

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