​‘God’s Bankers’ at Vatican, Pal on Middle East oil

Despite GoDaddy raising $440 million in its Wednesday IPO, aiming for a total market value of more than $4 billion, it’s probably not worth that price because the company, very simply, isn’t profitable. Erin weighs in. Gerald Posner, author of ‘God’s Bankers: A History of Money and Power at the Vatican’, explains how the Vatican Bank is essentially a cross between the Federal Reserve and an offshore bank and tells us how it grew into a money-laundering institution. RT’s Lindsay France discusses how the world is running out of gold and other mineable reserves. Raoul Pal, founder of Global Macro Investor and Real Vision TV, gives his take on Europe and turmoil in the Middle East. And in The Big Deal, Erin and RT’s Ameera David talk about Tidal – Jay Z’s new music streaming service.

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