Huge wealth at 15 CPW, questions on market froth & bond bubbles

Athens confirmed that it has written to key eurozone figures warning that it would be “impossible” for Greece to meet its debt payments without some sort of assistance. Erin weighs in. David Merkel, author of ‘The Aleph Blog’, tells us if Apple is a value investment and gives us his take on if their $1 trillion price target is a metaphorical sell signal for a market that is becoming too frothy. Michael Gross, author of ‘House of Outrageous Fortune’, which details the rise of Central Park West, tells us what encouraged him to write the book and details the high-powered stakes of foreign cash in domestic real estate. And in The Big Deal, Erin and Edward discuss the earlier topics of market froth, bond bubbles, as well as the movement of capital out of Europe, Greece, Germany and into the United States.

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