Latest digital media trends & ECB interest rate bias

The German government is backing an initiative that would make stronger encryption available to everyone from government officials to its 80 million citizens. De-Mail is an email service offered by a group of Germany's biggest webmail providers. Guest host Ameera David weighs in. Then, Edward Harrison with Lockhart Steele, editorial director of Vox Media, who tells us why he decided to get involved with new media as a blogger at the turn of the Millennium and gives us his take on how blogging has transformed the journalism industry. Erin with David Beckworth, adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, who looks at the total spending in the eurozone core compared to the periphery since the euro began in 1999 - since 2010, the periphery has been unusually weak. And in The Big Deal, Ameera and Edward discuss Tesla’s decision to cut jobs in China.