John Brynjolfsson on technology, Europe and the currency wars

Two bankers have been fired from Goldman Sachs this week after one of them allegedly shared confidential documents from the Federal Reserve of New York within the firm. According to the bank, a junior employee was fired for passing information on to a colleague from the New York Fed, his former employer, while a supervisor was fired for knowing about the matter but not escalating it. This yet again raises questions about the bank's cozy relationship with its alleged regulator. Erin weighs in.

Then, Erin sits down with John Brynjolfsson, CIO of Armored Wolf. John talks to us about why he sees technological advancement as a double-edged sword and gives us his take on recent growth in Europe as well as the currency wars now raging globally.

After the break is our Defining Moments segment, including our guests comments on the link between demographics and economics, the trade-off between efficiency and stability, how the UK is handling the drop in oil prices, low interest rates, political and economic constraints in Europe, the petrodollar, and the London housing market. Guests are Marshall Auerback, Frances Coppola, Mark Buchanan, Richard Ebeling and Marin Katusa.

And in The Big Deal, Erin is joined by Boom Bust producers Edward Harrison and Bianca Facchinei to review viewer feedback. Take a look!

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