Aswath Damadoran on Uber, GoPro and Yahoo & Rick Rule on Gold

Today’s headline is taxes – specifically, the taxes American businesses pay on income earned abroad. There’s been a lot of hay made in the media of late concerning businesses seeking to minimize their tax liabilities and now regulators are cracking down. Edward Harrison weighs in.

Then, Edward is joined by Aswath Damodaran – professor of finance at the Stern School of Business at NYU – to discuss business valuations and get his take on companies like Uber, GoPro and Yahoo.After the break, Edward is joined by Rick Rule, founder of global companies at Sprott Global, to get his take on gold.

And in Defining Moments, some of the most memorable parts of our recent interviews are featured – including commentary from Ann Pettifor, Warren Mosler, Alex Daley and Steve Keen.

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