​Jim Rickards on Europe and Manila Chan on the decline of Atlantic City

The Eurozone has been in a deep recession since the financial crisis and economic growth within Euroland has been much worse than in the US. As economic growth in the second quarter of 2014 came in at zero, Europe doesn’t seem to be breaking out of this "depression" anytime soon. Erin weighs in.

Then, Erin talks to author and economist Jim Rickards, who is bullish on Europe’s political cohesion and nowhere near as downbeat on its economy as others. Take a look at what he has to say about it.

After the break, Erin is joined by RT correspondent Manila Chan to figure out where Atlantic City went wrong and explore any possibilities – if any – they have left.

And in Best of the Week, Erin reviews some of the week’s greatest segments, including commentary from William White, Bruce Schneier, Dan Geer, and Kate Pearce – ranging from opinions on quantitative easing to mass surveillance. Enjoy!

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