Steve Hanke on effectiveness of economic sanctions and Murdoch wants Time Warner

Our lead story: Rupert Murdoch wants Time Warner and he’s selling off assets to get it! On Friday, 21st Century Fox said it was selling its Italian and German pay-television asset to British Sky Broadcasting - which is 39 percent owned by Fox- for more than $9 billion. This is just the latest sign of consolidation in the European media industry, and the deal comes after Time Warner rejected the $80 billion takeover offer by Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox. Erin takes a look.

Erin also speaks to Dr. Steve Hanke about sanctions, the dollar payment system, and the possible effects of using sanctions to achieve political goals.

After the break, Erin brings you the “Best of the Best” of this past week including conversations with Karl Denninger, Frances Coppola, Steve Keen, Anthony Randazzo, and Steve Hanke.

And in our weekly Accrued Interest, Edward Harrison and Erin tackle viewer questions. Keep them coming!

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