Steve Keen talks Debt & Karl Denninger on iOS security issues

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez's battle against “holdout” investors suing her country is increasing the odds that her government will default for a second time in 12 years. In a hearing on Tuesday, US District Judge Thomas Griesa decided not to grant Argentina’s request for more time to negotiate with holdout creditors. Griesa directed both parties to meet with a court appointed mediator to reach a settlement. Erin takes a look.

Then Erin brings you part two of her interview with Dr. Steve Keen, and they explore debt levels and whether steering the economy using short-term interest rates is dangerous. After the break, Erin speaks to libertarian blogger Karl Denninger about mobile devices and privacy, looking especially at the vulnerabilities in your iPhone.

Then in today’s Big Deal, Edward Harrison and Erin talk about Apple, China, and the future growth of the mobile market in emerging economies. Check it out!

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