​Don’t cynk your money into Cynk & Victor Matheson on World Cup ROI

Our lead story: Cynk Technology’s stock, which is traded on an unregulated over-the-counter US exchange, captured the attention of market watchers’ when it soared to an eye-popping 25,000 percent over the course of three weeks to a peak market-cap of more than $4 billion dollars. Erin has the details.

Erin also sits down with sports economist Victor Matheson to discuss the World Cup and if Brazil got a good deal for all the money it spent on stadiums. After the break, Erin brings you the best of the best this week. Dennis Gartman, Anthony Randazzo, Michael Hudson, George Magnus, Eswar Prasad, and Jinyoung Englund all weigh in to talk about what’s going on in the markets this week.

And in today’s Big Deal, Sam Sacks joins Erin to talk about Amazon, credit cards, and his work on RT’s new comedy show Redacted Tonight.

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