Job numbers are looking up & Ann Pettifor on Euro politics

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, US employers kept up a solid pace of hiring, returning employment number to pre-recession levels. Many believe this is confirmation that the economy has snapped back from its winter slump! Erin takes a look at the numbers.

Yesterday, the European Central Bank announced some historic measures to try to inject liquidity into the Eurozone. At the same time, Euro-skeptics have made political gains recently. So Erin talked with Dr. Ann Pettifor to get a sense of how these tensions are playing out.

Then we play the Best of the Best for this week. We play our favorite clips from Pippa Malmgren, Thomas Palley, Tim Duy, Ladar Levison, and Jim Rogers.

We end the week with our weekly Accrued Interest. Keep those questions coming!

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