​Victor Matheson: Sterling + Sports Econ & Bill Janeway on Innovation Econ

Our lead story: Former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, will buy the Los Angeles Clippers for a reported $2 billion. The team’s co-owner, Shelly Sterling, sent out a media release on Thursday night, stating that the Sterling Family Trust had agreed to sell the team to the former Microsoft CEO.

Then, we bring on sports economist Victor Matheson to weigh in on the big price tag and to discuss how sports franchises affect local economies. After the break, we sit down with venture capitalist and economist Dr. Bill Janeway who talks about his book “Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy” and also discusses innovation and uncertainty withHyman Minsky.

It’s the end of the week! Erin and Edward Harrison check in on our Accrued Interest. Keep the questions coming!

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